CCH will cooperate with Shanghai Shenhua Holdings Co., Ltd.

CCH and Shanghai Shenhua Holdings Co., Ltd. signed a Joint Venture agreement recently; they plan to establish a Wind power investment limited company, in order to develop some wind power projects in Inner-Mongolia.
The registered capital of new company ‘Inner-Mongolia Shenhua CCH wind power Investment Ltd.’ is 136 millions rmb; total investment will be 397 millions rmb. This joint venture will emphasis on develop, construct, operate wind power plant, and it has radicated the first project to cooperate, which is the Phase I of Taipusiqi Gongbaolage wind power project, with a capacity of 49.5MW for Phase I. This project was approved by the government and completed the prophase prove up work. The Wind power project has abundance wind power resource, which will have an annual generation of 100 million KWh. It will start construction working after complete the prophase preparation work in mid June.
Shanghai Shenhua Holdings Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest listing company listed in Shanghai stock exchange market in 1990, the main business of this company includes industry investment, vehicle and parts sales and project investments etc.
During the developing progress, the two parties will looking for more cooperate, they might establish other joint venture for wind power projects, to expansion the wind power projects development, which including the wind power equipment manufacturing.
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