Announcement of Public Bidding for Equipment

Engineering equipment bidding for Inner-Mongolia Erlianhaote CCH Wind Power Plant, Phase I 20MW and CCH Inner-Mongolia Taipusiqi Gongbaolage Wind power, Phase I 49.5MW now open.
Project No.: CH-07-04
The Inner-Mongolia Erlianhaote CCH Wind Power Plant Phase I 20MW, which owned by CCH; and CCH Inner-Mongolia Taipusiqi Gongbaolage Wind power Plant Phase I 49.5MW are now ready for bidding. Total investment of these two projects is 600million rmb, the construction addresses are located at 8 km Southwest from Inner-Mongolia Erlianhaote City, 7km to No.208 national highway, geography coordinate is : East longitude 111°51′35″~111°55′20″;
North latitude 43°35′~43°37′;Inner-Mongolia Taipusiqi Gongbaolage Wind power was located at the middle part of Inner-Mongolia, north part of Xilinguole alliance,17km to the north part of Taipusiqi county, the position is at North latitude 41°47.654′、East longitude 115°16.110′, with area of 28km2. In order to select the supplier in a competitive manner, we will now open for public bidding for the following content:
1. Bidding content:
segment1:10kv and 35kv box form transformer substation;
segment 2:electric power cable;
segment 3:main transformer system;
segment 4:110kv switch equipment;
segment 5:10kv and 35kv switch equipment;
segment 6:non-power compensate system;
segment 7: electro-system;
segment 8:communication and control system.

2.Competence requirement:
1. Outstanding achievement in this industry;
2、Good reputations.
All independent corporation which accord with above requirement please come to visit our company (Room1710 Tengda Plaza, No.168 Xiwai st, Haidian District, Beijing) from 18th Jun to 29th June 2007, 9am to 5pm, to transact the application for tender competency prejudication, mailing sign up please provide tender segment, contact person, contact number, email address.。
All tenderer should bring the following competence prove documents(cachet is required for photocopy)
1) corporation business licence;
2) tax register certificate;
3) authorization of legal representative;
4) related aptitude proved and certificate of prize;
5) sample project illustration(photocopy of contract);
6)P&L for Year 2006.

Sign up address: Century Concord Holdings Ltd. (Room1710 Tengda Plaza, No.168 Xiwai st, Haidian District, Beijing)
Contact person: Ms. Wang Wei, and Mr. Kong Xianglin
Contact Number: 010-88576738、13552925440
Fax: 010-88576738、88576780

Century Concord Holdings Ltd.
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