CWP Training Session One:Project Managemment is Completed Successfully

China WindPower Group Training Session One: the Wind Power Project Management was completed successfully on 20th, Feb.

The training session was held by Administration Department and Engineering Department. The training has been lasted for 8 days. In the training ceremony, the CEO, Mr. Liu Shunxing made great presentation to the trainees. The trainees are made up by wind power project engineers and project managers. The total number of the trainees is 28.

The training content includes Corporate Cultures, Employee Regulations, Tender Procedures, Wind Power Project Electric Theory, Wind Power Project Construction Theory, CDM, Wind Power Project Management Tips. After the training, the trainees expressed that the training session was very successful. It made them better understand wind power project related management so they can better control the engineering schedule and and quality in the future. All the trainees and company leaders took picture for memory after the training.

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