Our Company Has Been approved By NDRC to Develop the Inn- Mongolia Damaoqi Wind Farm

On 6th October, the National Energy Administration proclaimed the new energy office letter [2008]87 as an approval to develop the Inn- Mongolia Damaoqi wind farm with a capacity of 1.9 GW, and requested that the Damaoqi wind farm should be built at the beginning of the 12th “five-year plan”. China Wind Power group successfully bided for the No.4 Bayin wind farm program with a total capacity of 200MW.

Bayin wind farm was programmed as 850 square kilometers, the annual 10 meter’s average wind speed is 6.2 m/s, the annual 70 meter’s average wind speed is 8 m/s, the availability hours are 8234 hour a year, it is one of the best domestic pro-developing wind farm.
Currently, our company is prepared to work on Damaoqi wind farm.
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