One of our wind farms--Shenhuaxiehe Gongbaolage has passed the Inner Mongolia municipality's "securi

Inner Mongolia's wind power development always sits on the domestic leading position; the high-speed development requires comprehensive industry regulations. In order to regulate the wind farms under the industry's unified standard, the State Development and Reform Commission firstly tried the "security valuation" out in Inner Mongolia's wind power industry, and planned to popularize it in the whole state's wind power industry later.

Recently, the Energy Department of Municipality's Nation Economic and Trade Commission organized a professional security valuation group, members of which from the power companies, power science institutions and other experts with high reputation in the municipality. This security valuation group valuated the first batch of  ten wind power companies. Our Shenhuaxiehe Gongbaolage wind farm and other eight companies passed the valuation. It is worth while pointing out that Shenhuaxiehe Gongbaolage wind farm is the only company which have completed the main transformer's partial discharging experiment which means this wind farm ideally meets the "security valuation" regulations.

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