Our Company Announces FY2008 Results

On 10th June 2009, our Company Announces FY2008 Results.

The financial crisis swept across the world in 2008. However, despite facing drastic changes the Group adopted a very prudent business strategy and kept focus on its core wind power business. The Group managed to achieve profit growth and strong cash flow notwithstanding the challenging macro-environment. The wind power business recorded consolidated revenue of HK$379,389,000, representing an increase of 75% from last year. Cash and cash equivalents were HK$745,061,000, representing an increase of 122.1% from last year. The Group’s net assets value amounted to HK$2,484,570,000 representing an increase of 27% from last year. Profit attributable to equity holders of company was HK$116,766,000, representing an increase of 17% as compared with last year. The Group had invested in 12 wind power plants with aggregate capacity of 565.5MW, of which 286MW is attributable to the Group.

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