The Governor of Liaoning Province, Mr. Chen Zhenggao Meets with Our Group Management

January 28th, the Governor of Liaoning Province, Mr. Chen Zhenggao accompanied by the provincial economic and trade delegation met with our Chairman & CEO, Mr. LIU Shunxing, and Vice Chairman, Mr. Ko Chun Shun, Johnson in Hongkong. Mr. LIU introduced the recent development of our wind power projects and the related situation of our wind farm O&M center in Liaoning province. Mr.LIU also expressed his great appreciation to the great supports from Liaoning government. Mr. Chen gave our great accomplishments on wind power development and our great contribution to related industries in Liaoning province very positive comments.

In addition, Liaoning government officials visited our Group's headquarter includes the mayor of Chaoyang City, Mr. ZHANG Tie Min, the mayor of Fuxin City, Mr. PAN Liguo, the Mayor of Tieling City, Mr, Zhang Jingqiang and Fu Meng County, Yi County, Tieling County, and Chang Tu County delegations. Our Group management and each delegation discussed wind power development plans in their regions and some other related topics about promoting their regional economic development.


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