Our Group signs MOU on strategic collaboration with GE Transportation

The Group has signed, through its wholly owned subsidiary O&M company, a Memorandum of Understanding with GE Transportation on strategic collaboration regarding provision of wind turbine gearbox repair services.

Representatives of the two companies presented at the MOU signing ceremony were GE Transportation’s Global Sales Director, Mr. Stefan Burkart, GE Global Product Manager, Mr. Mark L Cooksey, and General Manager of China Region, Mr. Li Sao-Bin and, on behalf of our O&M company, General Manager, Mr. Zhang Shi Hui, Chief Engineer, Mr. Li Bin, Deputy General Manager, Mr. Sheng Jiu-Qing, and Assistant to General Manager, Wu Biao.

GE Transportation specializes in wind turbine gearbox manufacturing and servicing and O&M company from our Group is dedicated in developing wind farm operation and maintenance services. The MOU which bring the two companies together will allow us to start collaboration on wind turbine drive system maintenance services.

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