CWP’s 2011 Annual Work Review Meeting was Successfully Held

On December 19th, CWP’s 2011 Annual Work Review Meeting was successfully held in Beijing. CWP’s Chairman & CEO Mr. Liu Shunxing gave a speech named “Summarizing experience, Fixing problems, Overcoming difficulties, Improving performance and Working efficiently to realize CWP’s sustainable and stable development”. Over 170 management & operation team members attended the meeting.

Chairman Liu reviewed CWP’s performance and achievement in 2011, analyzed CWP’s current development situation, and 2012’s working plan was expected in his speech.

In his speech, it was concluded that the group’s business development has been further progressed and expanded by implementing the “Heading South” strategy, entering into solar power business successfully, further developing resource reserve and projects approval, conducting innovation of the CWP’s profitability and financing model, team building capability, providing service business to independent third parties, which has shown a good potential, and well implementing information technology.

It was also concluded that in 2012, all staff should strictly implement the group’s strategic, utilize the group’s competitive advantages under current competitive situation, and try to fulfill more achievements both in economic benefit and management capabilities. Mr. Liu also expressed that the management team should seriously summarize working experience, absorb lessons, and improve operational and management performance. Facing historical opportunities in renewable energy sector, Mr. Liu encouraged all staff work hard to improve working performance with high responsibility and dedication in order to achieve CWP’s sustainable and stable development.



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