Evaluation Experts from Head Office of China Development Bank Visited CWP’s Delingha Solar PV Power

On the morning of 22nd July, 11 bureau class evaluation experts from the Evaluation Council of China Development Bank(CDB) Head Office visited Delingha Century Concord Photovoltaic Power Plant with some leaders of its Qinghai provincial Branch.

The staff from Delingha Century Concord Photovoltaic Power Co.,Ltd. introduced the solar PV technology, and answered all the questions of technology and economy raised by the leaders of CDB.

During the visit, the CDB leaders gave full affirmation to the layout, monitoring system, management, technical power and operational capability of Delingha Century Concord Photovoltaic Power Co.,Ltd., and spoke highly of the successful PV power plant construction in Delingha Gobi desert, which created great social and economic benefits.

Leaders of CDB Head Office expressed appreciation for CWP’s achievement in the field of clean energy. They pointed out that new energy improved the environment, promoted economic development, enhanced the quality of people's lives, and it represents the future and hope. CDB will continue to firmly support the construction of clean energy project, and create a much better future with our company.





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