Successful Disposal of 60% Equity Interests in Four JCEs in Liaoning Province

On 1 March 2013, Century Concord, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CWP, entered into four Agreements with Guodian Northeast New Energy Developments Ltd. (“Guodian Northeast”) pursuant to which Century Concord has conditionally agreed to dispose of 60% equity interests in four JCEs including Fuxin Julonghu Wind Power Co., Ltd., Fuxin Qianfoshan Wind Power Co., Ltd., Fuxin Juyuan Wind Power Co., Ltd., and Fuxin Juhe Wind Power Co., Ltd., being the entire equity interests in the JCEs held by Century Concord, to Guodian Northeast at a total consideration of RMB225,403,500. CWP would record a total gain of approximately RMB32.3 million.

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