CFO Niu Wenhui Delivers Keynote Speech at 1st Financial Street 10 Forum

On June 30, Niu Wenhui, CFO of Concord New Energy (CNE), attended the 1st Financial Street 10 Forum organized by China Central Depository & Clearing Co., Ltd. (CCDC) in Beijing, and delivered a keynote speech on green bond issuance as the issuer of the first green bond in China. He introduced the situation of business development, energy conservation and emission reduction of CNE, and shared his experience in the registration, issuance, fund supervision, information disclosure and other aspects of green bonds based on CNE's practice of green bond issuance. In April 2016, Concord Wind Power Investment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CNE, successfully registered the financing instrument for the first green bond with the National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors. The bond was the first of its kind registered by a non-financial enterprise in China.

CCDC is a central registration, trusteeship and clearing institution approved by the State Council, the exclusive general trustee of national debts authorized by the Ministry of Finance, an interbank bond market registration, trusteeship and clearing institution designated by the People's Bank of China, the general registrant and trustee of corporate bonds, as well as a third-party technology assessment institution of issuance auditing. Financial Street 10 Forum, organized by CCDC, focused on the bond market, covered a complete range of financial fields, and featured deep vision, practice and the opening-up of the whole product chain. Themed "Analysis of the Whole Green Bond Chain": Policies, Practical Operations and Cases", the forum invited a host of green bond experts to look into the development and operation of the Chinese green bond market.


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