The O&M (Operation and Maintenance) Company under Concord New Energy Passes the O&M Capability Assessment for Wind Turbine Generator System

Recently, Beijing Concord O&M Technology Wind Power Co. Ltd. (abbreviated as Concord O&M), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Concord New Energy smoothly passed the O&M capability assessment for wind turbine generator system conducted by China General Certification Center, becoming the third wind turbine generator system O&M enterprise passing the said assessment in this center.

Concord O&M is currently the only domestic company specialized in the operation, maintenance, overhaul and assets management in the wind-power generation and photovoltaic industry, and its main business lines include the technical consultation of the wind power plant and solar power plant as well as the comprehensive O&M for the wind power plant and solar power plant, the repair and hoisting of large parts in this field, and regular inspection, maintenance and technological transformation of the wind turbine generator.

Mr. Yu Weizhou, CEO of Concord New Energy, says that the fact that Concord O&M passed this assessment has consolidated its leading position in the market of wind power O&M, which helps to promote its ability in O&M service and optimize the overall market arrangement, and hence to further improve the popularity and reputation of the brand, and as a result, the comprehensive competitiveness of the Group has been enhanced.

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