The Holding Subsidiary of Concord New Energy Group Submits the Listing Application for the New Third Board

Recently, Beijing Juhe Electrical Engineering Design Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Design Company), a holding subsidiary of Concord New Energy, has already submitted application to NEEQ Co. Ltd., applying for the listing and public transfer of shares of the company in the NEEQ. NEEQ, also called the new third board, is managed by NEEQ Co. Ltd. as an equity exchange platform for small and medium-sized enterprises to sell the existing shares or private placement of new shares.

Concord New Energy Group holds 70% of the shares of Design Company and the remaining 30% is held by the Design Company directors, senior management level and staff. Design Company is mainly engaged in provision of planning and design of the electric power system, engineering design of electricity generation project and electric power transmission & transformation project, design of communication engineering of electric power dispatch, and the research, development and technological transfer of new technology in electric power.

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